ecently, I had the chance to conduct different seminars and conferences in some universities for senior students who are about to face real life and the first question is always “is our future brighter”? To answer this question, I would like to recall a very famous quote by Abraham Lincoln “The best way to predict your future is to create it”, yes, you can create your own future but take care it requires dedication, devotion and perseverance to achieve your goals. It is very important to have a dream but the more important is to make this dream come true.

The Power of Change very soon you will be facing a major change in your life, a transitional period transferring you from a dependent person to a certain extent (differs from one person to another) to supposedly a complete independent human being, this period requires adaptation, coping with change, acceptance to all the variables surrounding us.

The next couple of years to graduation are very critical as during this time you will be able to choose the path you are taking to fulfill your dream, the more you accept the change the faster you are getting on the right track.

Define Success the definition of success is different from one person to another, it is not necessarily that people coming from the same background, having the same education, and from the same family to have the same goal in life.

Goals in life are different and by being different we are completing the cycle of life, if all people decided to be business owners then who will work as employee. Goals in life change from one person to another or from time to time, someone might focus on his/her career, another would focus on establishing business, another would believe in having a family is the ultimate goal, and someone else all what he/she cares about is to travel the world.

 Sometimes it happens that after you reach what you were looking for, you realize that there is still more to reach, more to achieve. It’s never too late, move on, a pursue your dream and grab the opportunity to reach your goals, setting parameters is very important to be able to measure what you accomplished so far.

 Dream Job a dream job is the one I am actually enjoying doing it constantly but at the same time it should fulfill my convenient life requirements, sometimes, dream jobs do not pay well but again each one of us should define a set of parameters to measure progress in life. Defining the goal, the parameters to my own success will definitely contribute to the level of awareness of my dream job.

To find your dream job that fulfills your requirements; don’t hesitate, go for it, fight for fulfilling your dreams, many people don’t have the luxury to work and enjoy what they are doing.