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Qmind Vision

We are committed to contribute to the success of our clients by providing quality services that earn their trust and build lifetime relationships.

Qmind Mission

We provide high standard consultancy services in the fields of Human Capital Management for the corporate business segment, developing our clients operations and creating various integrated business solutions that cover our clients' needs.We are keen on providing a healthy productive work environment for our employees to grow and prosper as they are the single - most important factor to our success. Qmind believes in people.We believe that the most valuable asset within any organization is its workforce, developing people will lead to highly productive workforce and a solid positive impact on the welfare of our community.

why Qmind

Qmind believes that the core asset in any organization is its people; our passion for development is the main driver for enhancing the capabilities of employees inside workplace.Our methodology is establishing a highly productive environment that explores the talents inside the organization through a better foundation of knowledge, skills and competencies based systems.We apply the latest approaches and best practices which are applied world-wide to ensure consistency with the global market, we also provide major Corporate services that support the entire process of Human Resources for a diverse range of business sectors, our main focus on the right selection through proper talent acquisition, guaranteed through proper talent acquisition; employee alternating assessment, comply with HR surveys, effective employee training and all essential development needs.We work extensively on identifying key solutions for transforming your organization into a more successful company model, our main approach is concerned with the right allocation for the existing resources at the right position to maximize the outcome effectively which enables the human resources to flourish and ultimately ensures the prosperity of your business.The founders of Qmind have been in the field of Human Resources for more than 15 years, they gained experience from different multinational schools, and they strongly believe that decent Qmind and solid Values are the basis for any successful business relationship Our main driver for success is sharing with our clients the same path, vision, objective, and prosper is an essential milestone for the growth of our business along with yours.

Core Values


Our main goal is to implant Integrity in each and every aspect of the way business is done.


Simplifying business operations is the key to growth and success.


Reach the goal with the best allocation of available resources


In order to succeed, we believe that your company is ours. We take responsibility for reaching your goals and Ours.


We monitor the continuous market changes, and are passionate about using new ideas and approaches to cope with these changes.


qmind payroll system


I-ME Recruitment

I-ME Recruitment

Employees Self Services

Employees self-services

I-ME Payroll

I-ME Payroll

I-ME Employees Self-Services

I-ME Employees self-services

I-ME Organizational Development

I-ME Organizational Development

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